Triple 13 

LB 8-2-4 

Dry Molasses

Weed Control

Eraser 1 qt, 1 gal, 2.5 gal

Ranger 2.5 gal

Sendero 2 gal

Multiple types of Round-Up

Cutrine and Weedtrine

Lady Bug Products

Vortex Potting Soil 

Raised Bed Potting Soil 

Hill Country Potting Soil 

Revitalizer Compost 

8-2-4 Fertilizer 

Humming Bird Feeders and Nectar 

Bird seed 20# & 40#

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds 25# & 50#

Pest Control 

Ant- Surrender, Amdro, Extinguish, Mound Drench, Ortho Max Fire Ant.

 Demon-Controls scorpions, spiders, ect. 

Assortment of Wasp Spray

Snake Repellents

Garden Pest- Sevin Dust, Dipel Dust, Viper Dust, Complete Insect Killer


Texas Hardwood 


Circle W Feed & Supply