West Cowboy and Rustler Cubes 

Cowboy- 20% 7/8" All Natural Cube

Rustler- 20% 7/8" All Natural Cube

PVM Cooked Tubs 

225#- 28%,

All-n-one with and without fly control 

200#- All Natural 

125#- 8-8 with Fly control 

125#- All Natural 


12-8 Pellet

12% Stockman's

12 & 14% Horseman's Choice Textured  

Crimped and Whole Oats

Beet Pulp 

Alfalfa Cubes 



20% MG Deer Protein Pellet

Spring and Fall Food Plot available upon request

Horse Feed

Everything Else

Circle W Feed & Supply 


SC Floating Catfish

Cargill Triton Premium

Rangen Aquaculture Multispecies

Square Bales 




12-12 MG Mineral 

Right Now Bronze

Right Now Emerald With Fly Control

Vita-Firm Cattlemen's Blend 

Cattle Feed


14% Creep Pellet

41% Cottonseed Cube

Safe Guard Wormer Cubes and Blocks


Intensify Total Advantage, Equilene Complete, and Horseman's Elite Senior Care

Our partnership with Bluebonnet is just starting if they have a product you would like let us know and we will try to get it in our store. 

Forti-Sweet Cooked Tubs 

225# and 125# 


14% Hen Scratch 

Layer Pellets and Granules 

Corn Chops


Game Bird Starter Grower

Fancy Scratch ​

Bluebonnet Poultry Conditioner

Dog and Cat 

CV 50# Red Dog

Diamond Premium Dog Food 50#

Diamond Senior Dog 

CV Green Cat Food 20/40# 

Taste of the Wild 30# 

High Prairie, Wild Sierra Mountain, and Wild Fowl