Circle W Feed & Supply 

Cattle Feed

Square Bales 





20% MG Deer Protein Pellet

Spring and Fall Food Plot available upon request

Forti-Sweet Cooked Tubs 

225# and 125# 

Dog and Cat 

CV 50# Red Dog

Diamond Premium Dog Food 50#

Diamond Senior Dog 

CV Green Cat Food 20/40# 

Taste of the Wild 30# 

High Prairie, Wild Sierra Mountain, and Wild Fowl 

PVM Cooked Tubs 

225#- 28%,

All-n-one with and without fly control 

200#- All Natural 

125#- 8-8 with Fly control 

125#- All Natural 


14% Hen Scratch 

Layer Pellets and Granules 

Corn Chops


Game Bird Starter Grower

Fancy Scratch ​

Bluebonnet Poultry Conditioner


14% Creep Pellet

41% Cottonseed Cube

Safe Guard Wormer Cubes and Blocks


12-12 MG Mineral 

Right Now Bronze

Right Now Emerald With Fly Control

Vita-Firm Cattlemen's Blend 


12-8 Pellet

12% Stockman's

12 & 14% Horseman's Choice Textured  

Crimped and Whole Oats

Beet Pulp 

Alfalfa Cubes 

Everything Else


Intensify Total Advantage, Equilene Complete, and Horseman's Elite Senior Care

Our partnership with Bluebonnet is just starting if they have a product you would like let us know and we will try to get it in our store. 


SC Floating Catfish

Cargill Triton Premium

Rangen Aquaculture Multispecies

Horse Feed

West Cowboy and Rustler Cubes 

Cowboy- 20% 7/8" All Natural Cube

Rustler- 20% 7/8" All Natural Cube